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INCOME TAX E-FILING | Online Income Tax Return Filing in India

Income Tax E-Filing is a process through which Individuals/HUF/Associations/Businesses provide information about their income throughout the financial year & accordingly the Income tax if filed. The process of Income tax e-filing comes into existence once the final income of the assesse is computed from all sources & subsequent income tax is calculated. Different ITR Form is prescribed which is based on the sources of income.

The source of income means how it is generated-it is income from salaries, income from housing assets, income from business or occupation, income from capital gains, income from other sources (interest). Income etc.

The government of India has introduced a taxpayer friendly income tax e-filing portal 2020-21. With the advent & extended reach of technology, the Income tax e-filing process has also been improved.

Tax Consultants such as Chartered Accountants can help file the Income-tax return form. For companies, technical issues such as claiming of expenses, calculation of taxes, carried forward of losses etc are an important matter which is looked after by a consultant. For company various documents are required, the primary documents required in income tax India efiling are audited balance sheet, Form 26AS, deductions details under section 80, details of bank accounts. Various other documents are required based on in which sector a company operates.


There some of the common mistakes which most of the individuals do during the process of income tax e-filing, such as:

· Choosing an incorrect ITR form
· Missing to report source of Income
· Putting in incorrect personal information
· Possible deductions that could be claimed
· Failure in reconciliation of Form 26AS & TDS information

Income tax e-filing 2020-21 contains lot many deductions, new income tax slab rates, new ITR forms & ITR due date extended etc. So as to minimise your Income tax & maximise your effective Income you must get in touch with our Income tax e-filing experts.

Income Tax Return Filing Procedure

Before filing an individual IT Return, In case of a salaried person- he should have Salary slip, Form 16, interest certificate from bank or post office if any, Form 26 AS (This can be downloaded from TRACES website), chalan of advance tax paid if any and bank account details. As the online IT Return filing procedure has been simplified over the years, mostly individual ITR such as by salaried taxpayer is done on their own.

when they need to claim deductions for a house loan and interest or when they claim deduction under 80 C there is much confusion which makes them file an incorrect return. In that case, they reach out to tax consultants nearby them for online IT Return filing. In the case of companies, 


With other service providers, you would have to pay for each compliance filing individually!

Avoid penalties & scrutiny Not adhering with income tax e-filing norms, will attract a hefty amount of penalty & subsequent scrutiny of accounts by income tax authorities. Income tax e-filing will dodge such penalties.

Improve credit net worth Financial institution places the ITR on the top of the checklist before finalising your credit loan approval. Timely IT Return filing without any defaults will improve your Credit score.

Compensate for losses Unadjusted losses or shortfalls cannot be carrying forwarded to subsequent financial year, if income tax is not filed. Carry forward of business losses is possible only by way Income tax e-filing.

Income Tax Refund There are various instances in a financial year in which there has been tax deducted at source on investment. In order to claim TDS refund, IT Return filing become mandatory for taxpayers.


There are various deductions which tend to reduce your tax liability. You can avail the deductions using income tax documents related to the tax-savings investments you have made or incurred eligible expenses.

Here are the related income tax documents you should keep at hand to claim various expenses as deductions:

1. Income tax documents related to your Provident Fund contribution

2. Life insurance premium payment receipts

3. Stamp-duty and registration charges paid

4. Principal repayment on a home loan

5. Equity Linked Savings Scheme investment proof to be used as one of the income tax documents

6. Self-contribution to National Pension Scheme (NPS)




Individuals having income from salary, House property & other sources

Total income upto 50 lacs.


Individuals/HUF not carrying business or profession under proprietorship.


Individuals/HUF earning income from proprietorship


Opting for Presumptive tax scheme


LLP, Firm, Trust, Co-operative society etc.

Those covered under ITR-7 shall not fill this form.


Companies other than those claiming exemption under section 11 of IT Act.


Entity (person or company) required to furnish details u/s 139 [4A, 4B, 4C, 4D, 4E] of IT Act, 1961

Grow Your Business instead of Complex Registration processes and leave it for us

With other service providers, you would have to pay for each compliance filing individually!

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1. Fill up the forms

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2. Submit the Documents

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3. Pay only Professional fee

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4. Get your Company Registered

Business Plans

Grow Your Business instead of Complex Registration processes and leave it for us

With other service providers, you would have to pay for each compliance filing individually!

Limited Liability Protection to Directors personal assets

Many times startups need to borrow money and take things on credit. In case of normal Partnerships, Partners personal savings and property would be at risk incase business is not able to repay its loans. In a private limited company, only investment in business is lost, personal assets of the directors are safe.

Better image and credibility in Market

Private limited company is popular and well known business structure. Corporate Customers, Vendors and Govt. Agencies prefer to deal with Private Limited Company instead of proprietorship or normal partnerships.

Easy to raise fund,capital and loans

Private limited company enjoys wide options to raise funds through bank loans, Angel Investors, Venture Capitalists, in comparison to LLPs and OPCs. This wide ranges of options amke it more profitable to run a private limited company.

Favorite Business structure for Investors

Investors love to invest in Private Limited companies as it is well structured and less strings attached. Most important it is very easy to exit from a private limited company. Morover decision making authoriity is with limited people which reasults into less flutuactions..

Easy to attract Employees and workers

For startups putting together a team and keeping them for long time is a challenge, due to confidence attached to private limited structure, it is easy to hire people as well as motivate them with corporate designations and stock options. More offerings make it more attractive

Quite easy to sell and deal with

Private Ltd. is easy to sell, very less documentation and cost is involved in selling a Private limited company . Therefore desolution of a private limited company is easier and cheaper as compared to other forms of company in the field . And so it is easy to deal with.

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